Alethea to Launch Decentralized Network for Deepfakes and Synthetic Content


Alethea AI is launching a decentralized Synthetic Content Network to track the usage and intellectual property of AI-generated content. The company plans to offer a wide selection of content, including but not limited to face-swapped deepfake videos.

Alethea is a production studio for AI-generated content, having previously released a video featuring Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao’s face in a martial arts setting. Other content includes a video on climate change, made to challenge the negative reputation of deepfakes.

Synthetic content is often criticized for its potential impact on fake news. These videos use AI-based voice and face reconstruction to make realistic-looking clones of important figures. While generally used only for memes, some argue that they may be used for manipulating media.

With the Synthetic Content Network, Alethea is attempting to introduce a mechanism for clearly disclosing AI-generated content and only allowing it with the consent of the person being shown.

The platform uses blockchain technology to maintain records of ownership and permission for usage, in addition to ensuring that the creators own the rights to the AI software they use. It will be powered by Alethea’s native token, which aims to introduce incentives for the various interactions between the ecosystem’s players.

In addition to face-swapping deep fakes, Alethea wants to empower its users to create other types of content. For example, fans of a certain celebrity could use Alethea to create videos of them doing particular actions: dancing, reading a book, or making motivational speeches. 

All videos created with Alethea will be labeled as satirical and will include watermarks to clearly distinguish them from true content. The project’s stated goal is to democratize access to AI, allowing creative expression through the technology in a manner that would not violate the rights of the people involved.

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