Analysts Anticipate XRP to Plummet Even Further After Setting 3-Year Lows


The aggregated cryptocurrency market has firmly entered a bout of sideways trading over the past couple of days, which has come about in the time following the market’s recent upswing seen earlier this week that allowed XRP and other altcoins to gain some decent momentum.

It now appears that XRP could be positioned to see significantly further downside in the near-term, despite bulls’ ability to recapture its position above its key support at $0.15.

One analyst is noting that this next selloff could be as great as 30% or more, leading it back to its bedrock support.

XRP Rebounds from Multi-Year Lows as Crypto Market Consolidates

At the time of writing, XRP is trading down 2% at its current price of $0.154, which marks a notable decline from daily highs of over $0.16.

Earlier this week, the crypto was able to garner some notable upwards momentum that came about in tandem with Bitcoin’s climb to highs of $6,900. This led it to rally as high as $0.17, which is around where it lost its momentum and declined to its current price level.

This recent rebound marked an extension of the momentum that was first incurred when XRP dipped to lows of $0.09, which is where it found significant support that allowed it to garner some decent upwards momentum.

This price marked the lowest that the embattled cryptocurrency has seen in three years, which signifies just how bearish this recent price decline was for the crypto.

“Just now looking at the $XRP chart. Didn’t realize it hit almost 3 yr lows,” Josh Olszewicz, a prominent cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter, explained in a recent tweet.

Analyst Warns of Notable Near-Term Drop Towards Bedrock Support 

Livercoin – another popular cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter – noted that he is anticipating XRP to see another massive decline in the near-term against its Bitcoin trading pair, which could lead it to crater as much as 30%.

“Expecting another 30% drop on XRP. 2500 sats support holding strong but bulls are going to throw in the towel eventually,” he explained while pointing to the key support level that it is currently sitting on.

While looking at the chart marked above, it does appear that XRP may soon decline from its current BTC price of 0.0000255 to 0.00001778 in the days and weeks ahead.

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