Back to the Grind: BiboxEurope’s New Move on XRP


As months of work on platform reconstruction is about to conclude, BiboxEurope – the leading fiat-to-crypto exchange – is back to the grind along with its new move with XRP. The last time the platform hit the market was with its cooperation with London Stock Exchange Group announced at the end of last year.

The BiboxEurope community is able to trade XRP against EUR, GBP, and CHF on their favorite platform just now. The listing of XRP trading pairs is part of the platform’s continued initiative to provide fiat trading capacity to high-quality blockchain projects. It has now turned its eyes on the breakthrough fintech project of the decade – XRP. Following the listing, XRP will become the very first project to be listed on the new Website 2.0, as the platform prefers to call the platform upgrade.

With the inclusion of XRP on BiboxEurope, the platform intends to extend support for the project by enhancing the accessibility of XRP tokens to the European community. The XRP protocol has been instrumental in introducing blockchain technology to traditional financial institutions. XRP is used by Ripple and others to process and settle cross-border payments instantly, reliably and for fractions of a penny.

Further ahead, BiboxEurope visions its exchange business goes beyond just a trading place. It is going to be one of the members of the international clearing system upon its acquisition of a full bank license in Switzerland. “Consequently, we are able to be independent of third-party banks and provide enterprise-level settlement services to protocols like XRP,” BiboxEurope co-founder Aries Wang commented.

BiboxEurope believes that XRP has the potential to revolutionize the global fintech space. The increased adoption of the digital asset could promote XRP among European community users, and even drastically improve cross-border transactions with instant settlement.

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