Bearish Bias Makes no Sense, Bitcoin Price Looks Strong


Late last month, Bitcoin (BTC) suddenly exploded higher. In under 24 hours, the leading cryptocurrency shot from $7,300 to $10,600 in a now-historic pump that caught countless traders slacking.

This move was decisively bullish, as it was, after all, the fourth-largest daily move in Bitcoin’s history, and the largest daily move in over seven years.

For some reason or another, however, a number of analysts have maintained a bearish attitude after this move. One trader, for instance, noted that Bitcoin’s three-day Relative Strength Index remains in “bear market” territory, while the recent move higher was a textbook signal for a downward trend continuation.

This bearish bias may be non-sensical though, according to SmokeyXBT, a well-followed trader.

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Bitcoin Bear Case Makes No Sense?

Smokey recently noted that he “isn’t quite sure how people can have a strong bias here.” While he did admit that Bitcoin has yet to break above a trendline resistance and the weekly horizontal resistance of $9,600, he noted that BTC has decisively reclaimed $9,111 — a level which has been essential for the cryptocurrency since May.

What’s more, the buying volume on the reclamation of this key support was higher than it was on the breakdown, implying that bulls are attempting to assert control over the market.


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Smokey isn’t the only analyst thinking that Bitcoin is looking strong after holding in the low-$9,000s for days now. The Crypto Dog recently quipped that  Bitcoin “looks like a launchpad.” Backing his quip, Dog looked to two resistance levels, which BTC has established over the past week. Recently, the cryptocurrency quietly broke above them, showing that the longs are starting to gain control.

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