BiboxEurope Adds GBP Crypto Pairs Following Users’ Inputs


BiboxEurope is keeping its promise to listen to the community’s needs and fulfilling them. And as a part of this initiative, the company has announced the introduction of a brand-new feature. Starting Monday, October 14, 2019, BiboxEurope will be extending support to two new trading pairs on its platform in the form of BTC/GBP and ETH/GBP.

According to the company, the decision to add GBP support was taken following a poll conducted by BiboxEurope on Twitter. In this poll, the community members were asked to suggest the next fiat-cryptocurrency pair they would like to see on BiboxEurope, and over 67 percent of respondents voted for the GBP-crypto option.

Following the announcement, the wait for inclusion of new fiat trading options since the platform’s launch, has come to an end.

BiboxEurope is a relatively new platform that went live about three months ago. Since then, it has introduced a lot of new features and offerings to its users on a regular basis. Recently, the company launched Insta-Buy feature that enables customers to buy cryptocurrencies with their credit cards at a much lower rate than on other platforms. It was followed by the recent announcement of a referral rewards program with up to 80% in commissions as reward.

In addition, BiboxEurope has also been actively participating in various cryptocurrency and blockchain events to engage with the community and promote its platform. It was one of the exhibitors at the recently concluded Blockchain Live event in London and Delta Summit in Malta. BiboxEurope was well received in both these events, and the team was part of various discussions and consultations on the development of blockchain and digital currencies with many industry experts, where some of them expressed interest in future business cooperation. Armed with the inputs received at Blockchain Live and Delta Summit events, the BiboxEurope team has started working on new features and updates that can address the requirements put forth by the vast global cryptocurrency community. This development, in turn, has opened the doors for further progress, which could come in the form of new feature additions soon.

It is worth noting that BiboxEurope is one of the very few cryptocurrency platforms to have strong relationship with multiple European banks, one of which is also an equity investor in the platform. BiboxEurope is a completely regulated platform with strong AML and KYC processes in place. And, compared to its competitors, the platform also has the lowest fee structure and some attractive benefits.

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