Bitcoin Following Black Thursday “Supercycle”


Bitcoin price has just today set a new high for 2020 and is showing no signs of slowing down. However, as greed reaches extreme levels and ROI is stacking across the board, could the cryptocurrency see a surprise correction?

According to a chart that first debuted around Black Thursday, this latest high will result in a pullback toward former lows, before the final bull market breakout takes place. Will the cryptocurrency market see a strong correction based on this “supercycle” theory chart shared by a reputable Singapore-based crypto fund?

Crypto Market Ready For Bull Run, Or Has Greed Gotten Ahead Of Reality?

Today, Bitcoin price exploded through resistance at $12,000 and is trading well above $12,250 at the time of this writing. The entire crypto market is up well over 80% on the year, with Bitcoin right behind at more than 70%.

bitcoin btcusd

BTCUSD YTD ROI | Source: TradingView

Google Trends shows that searches for crypto are picking up rapidly, suggesting that interest is returning to the market in a major way. Most Coinbase coins are up over 57% over the last month alone, and the crypto fear and greed index has reached levels of extreme greed.

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Markets tend to alternate between greed and fear, both reaching extremes before turning around. Some of the world’s best investors and traders advocate taking a contrarian stance for this very reason. Markets tend to reverse in the opposite direction after achieving such a peak in sentiment.

The last time the fear and greed index reached such a high, was back when Bitcoin was trading above current levels, where a rejection at $14,000 took place.

Bitcoin “Supercycle” Theory Calls For One Last Dip Before Uptrend Begins

This top sent Bitcoin tumbling back down to the Black Thursday low at $4,000. Prior to that fateful day, the market wasn’t that fearful since the bear market bottom at $3,000.

The bouncing back and forth between extreme fear and greed, also closely matches a price chart first shared following the Black Thursday collapse. Singapore-based QCP Capital shared the chart they received from a “professional chartist,” calling for what the firm says is a Bitcoin “supercycle.”

This “supercycle” is a five-wave ABCDE corrective triangle, where price action tightens and tightens until there’s ultimately a breakout an expansion.

bitcoin supercycle

The chart does claim that $10,000 would have acted as the second high, or D-wave, before falling to the final E-wave, then taking off into an uptrend. This, of course, didn’t happen, and Bitcoin is trading at over $12,000.

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The cryptocurrency, however, still has yet to make a higher high beyond the top last year at $14,000. This still falls into the parameters for an ABCDE corrective wave, keeping the “supercycle” theory alive just a little while longer.

If the supercycle idea follows through, Bitcoin has another drop ahead to roughly $7,000 before the bull market finally begins.

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