Bitcoin Trends on Twitter as Price Flirts With $12,000


It’s been quite the day for the Bitcoin and crypto-asset market, with the price of BTC breaking above $12,000 after a strong rejection around two weeks ago. Ethereum also saw an extremely strong day, rallying as high as $490 as buying pressure spiked.

Altcoins have seen extreme price action as well, with certain market participants surging and others diving. Understandably, there have been many talking about Bitcoin and Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. So much so that users reported that

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Bitcoin (and Ethereum) Trends on Twitter

On September 1st, as Bitcoin and Ethereum surged higher, hashtags for both of the cryptocurrencies briefly trended on Twitter in some parts of the world.

The Bitcoin hashtag had over 50,000 tweets in the past 24 hours while Ethereum saw a similar amount. This is seemingly the first time the second-largest cryptocurrency has made the rounds on Twitter in many months, maybe years.

Many of the most popular tweets about Bitcoin today were in regards to the asset’s recent price performance. Other popular tweets included popular news events, like PornHub accepting BTC and a major European stock exchange listing a BTC investment product.

This is at least the third time Bitcoin has trended on Twitter in the past two months, according to NewsBTC’s coverage of the matter.

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More Upside to Go

Analysts say that public awareness of Bitcoin is poised to increase, despite it already surging over recent weeks and months due to the narratives around the Federal Reserve’s money printing.

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BTC Trends on Twitter as Price Flirts With $12,000

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