Chainlink Cryptocurrency Recognized By World Economic Forum As 2020 Technology Pioneer


The cryptocurrency market’s hottest altcoin, Chainlink, has easily beaten all expectations and has risen to become one of the biggest success stories in the crypto space since the bubble popped.

That success story is ready for its next chapter, as not only has the asset kept its bullish momentum alive, the crypto asset has also been honored by the World Economic Forum as a 2020 “Technology Pioneer.”

Chainlink Mentioned Among Other ‘Potential Game Changers’ in List of Technology Pioneers

The asset class of cryptocurrencies is an emerging technology that has shown nearly endless possibilities and limitless promise.

Bitcoin has the potential to unseat the dollar as the global reserve currency, while Ethereum aims to be the backbone of Wall Street and other new methods of finance. XRP looks to replace SWIFT as the primary cross-border payment technology found across most banking services.

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Chainlink, however, is a decentralized oracle network for data. The asset’s amazing promise has caught the attention of Google in the past, and now the World Economic Forum has included the cryptocurrency as part of its Technology Pioneer 2020 nominations.

Each year, the World Economic Forum highlights some of the most promising tech startups and their products, networks, and services. This year, Chainlink was honored as one of 100 unique technology firms.

Susan Nesbitt, Head of the Global Innovators Community for the World Economic Forum, called these 100 companies, “potential game-changers.”

World Economic Forum Nod Adds Momentum to Cryptocurrency’s Uptrend

Chainlink has already changed the game when it comes to cryptocurrency performance over the last two years of a bear market.

While most other altcoins and cryptocurrencies were bleeding out, setting new low after low, Chainlink was busy setting a new all-time high record.

The seemingly unstoppable cryptocurrency altcoin was the very best performer in the industry in 2019, and 2020 has been nearly as strong.

While Bitcoin struggled to break to hold above $10,000 in March, just ahead of the Black Thursday collapse, Chainlink had broken its previous record.

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It’s only recently that the asset’s parabola looked to be coming to an end. However, with this latest nod from the World Economic Forum, there very well could be more fuel left in Chainlink’s unstoppable rocketship.

LINKUSD is already up over 2.5% intraday on the news, and the altcoin is up nearly 2% on the LINKBTC pair.

Analysts had called for potential distribution in the altcoin cryptocurrency, however, any price action could quickly turn into reaccumulation before another major move up, driven in part by this latest news and the long-term promise the project so clearly shows.

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