Credits Blockchain Platform Combines Decentralized Solutions With Cloud Through Oracle for Startups Program


The Oracle for Startups Program has recently been bolstered by the addition of the Credits decentralized infrastructure platform.

The combination of decentralized solutions offered by the Credits infrastructure platform with the cloud services of Oracle Cloud is a tremendous step for the development of the Credits project. The cloud solutions offered by Oracle Cloud can be combined with the blockchain network of the Credits platform to offer new opportunities for decentralization to a greater number of businesses seeking to optimize their operations.

The Oracle for Startups program was initiated to allow new and promising startups and businesses to establish working relations and gain valuable expertise from world-class specialists. The program also offers its participants access to consulting services and free cloud storage solutions. Among the products offered by the program are Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Blockchain, Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Analytics Cloud, Container Engine for Kubernetes, Oracle Integration Cloud, and others.

The Credits blockchain project is a decentralized services provider that has already established partnerships with a large number of businesses and is offering its products to companies from a broad range of industries. Credits platform-based solutions are being applied in the supply chain management, video gaming, logistics, petrochemicals and other sectors. Among the advantages of the platform are high throughput, $0.001 per transaction costs and the use of the PoA algorithm.

The inclusion of the Credits blockchain project in the Oracle for Startups Program is a significant achievement that will allow the platform to offer its services to a large number of potential clients. The development of the Credits network and the inclusion of Oracle Cloud solutions could also expand the scope of the project’s services and attract more businesses to its product offering.


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