Credits Blockchain Platform Launches First Protocol-Based ICO


The Credits project team announced on March 18 that the platform hosted the first ICO launched using its native protocol, as the FDCE (First Decentralized Commodities Exchange) platform launched its first investment round for the sale of the Metal Bonds Token Offering.

The FDCE is a special platform designed for facilitating the mechanisms of making investments in “digital bonds” by investors from around the world. The platform offers investors a wide choice of world-class companies that will be placing their digitized shares for sale. Additional measures ensuring the low-risk nature of the investment process will include the implementation of scoring standards for companies willing to have their assets placed on the platform.

The approach of having digital assets offered for sale via the model applied by the FDCE has multiple advantages for both investors and companies. The investors will be granted the opportunity of purchasing the shares of world-class companies at low-risk models on the crypto market, while the companies will be able to attract additional funding by offering commodities-backed shares. The FDCE will be offering investors multiple instruments that will be independent of market volatility factors. Such an approach will allow to ensure the stability of the assets and reduce risks.

The ICO hosted on the Credits platform will be hard capped at 8 million USD, which will be raised in CS сoins – the native currency of the Credits project. The process will be divided into three rounds – the private sale (0.088 USD), the pre-ICO (0.176 USD), and the ICO (0.356 USD). The total number of issued DCET tokens stands at 100 million. The coins that will remain unsold at the ICO will be transferred to a reserve fund of the FDCE, which will act to maintain liquidity and secure against unforeseen circumstances and market shocks.

The ICO of the FDCE is the first of its kind on the Credits platform and is an important achievement for the project as a whole, highlighting its capabilities and the versatility of its infrastructure. The Credits project development team is confident that the initiative will attract greater attention to the capabilities of the platform and foster greater penetration and adoption of its technologies by other business sectors.


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