Crypto-Friendly Brave Browser Records a 130% Surge in Vimeo Creators


Privacy-focused Brave browser has seen a record number of new creators join the platform in the past month, onboarding almost 100,000 new verified creators. Data from has shown that the biggest growth was seen on video-sharing platform Vimeo, which recorded a 130% percent increase in creators.

More People Flocking to Brave’s Rewards Program

Daily new creators on Brave

Daily new creators

In line with the phenomenal growth rate Brave has recorded in terms of its users, the privacy-focused browser has also seen a huge increase in the number of creators that opt in the platform’s advertisement model.

According to data from the data tracking website, there are now a total of 663,899 verified creators on Brave. More than 98,000 of them have onboarded in the past 30 days alone. 

The overall number of creators has increased by 17.8%. Most of the 98,289 new creators came to YouTube—35,049 new creators in the past month. Around 11,000 new Twitter creators got verified, while Brave onboarded 12,000 creators from Reddit.

Brave has at least 5 Youtube content creators with more than 10 million subscribers. The top creator on Youtube is Trap Nation with over 27 million subscribers followed by Spinnin’ Records with over 26 million subscribers.

Brave also currently boasts a lot of high profile websites as content creators. Wikipedia, TheGuardian, and WikiHow are also brave content creators.

Video-Sharing Platforms Dominate Brave Creator Directory

However, the biggest growth in verified creators was seen on Vimeo. The video-sharing platform pales when compared to YouTube, both in terms of the number of users and watch hours, but has been known for the tight communities that surround its popular creators.

Vimeo saw a record 130% percent growth in the past 30 days, with 25,621 new creators getting verified throughout April and May. 

The second biggest growth was recorded on GitHub, which saw a 28.6% increase in verified creators. Twitch onboarded 7,213 new creators, achieving a 15.7% percent growth, while 3,396 new web creators represented an increase of 7.2%.

As more verified creators join the platform, Brave users get more opportunities to monetize their attention. Brave has been working on making sending and receiving BAT rewards easier, which will allow users to tip and support the thousands of new creators that join Brave every month. 

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