Digitex Futures Zero-Fee Bitcoin Futures Exchange Now Open to the Public


Digitex Futures, the Seychelles-based cryptocurrency startup has announced the much-anticipated public launch of its Bitcoin Futures exchange on July 31 following months of extensive testing. Since the launch of its mainnet, Digitex Futures has been gradually adding more traders enabling them to experience the platform and also provide any feedback that can be used for further improvement.

Now, with the public launch, anyone can create an account on Digitex Futures and start trading at zero fees. The number of markets available on the platform is currently confined to just one – BTC/USD perpetual swap, with more expected to be added soon. According to Digitex Futures, its ETH/USD perpetual swap is already available on the testnet and there are plans to introduce other crypto markets as well as traditional markets like oil, gold, and S&P 500.

Explaining the decision to start with just the Bitcoin market, CEO of Digitex Futures Adam Todd said, “I wanted to concentrate all the liquidity on one popular market to give us the best chance of getting the volume cranking, and that’s exactly what we’ve achieved.” Further adding, “now we’ve launched the world’s first sustainable commission-free bitcoin futures exchange and we’re getting ready to add traditional markets as well, to be the first crypto exchange to give traders exposure in these areas and constantly innovate in the market.”

So far, Digitex Futures’ launch plan has been successful as its 24-hour trading volume has already hit over $2.4 billion. Apart from zero fees, the platform’s design and intuitive user interface are notable features that favor the crypto trading community. Users can sign up easily without having to go through a cumbersome KYC process, benefit from deep liquidity, make use of TradingView charts and graphs and customize their dashboard as per their convenience (which includes four different color schemes). Digitex Futures can be accessed across multiple devices including desktop and mobile phones as long as they are connected to the internet.

Founded by a former futures and betting-exchange trader, the Digitex Futures platform is optimal for day trading scalpers. The zero-fee feature increases the profitability of these high frequency-low margin BTC scalp trades as the platform doesn’t eat into the profits accumulated over multiple trades, which generally isn’t the case with other exchanges.

“Not only do they [other exchanges] eat into your profits but they actually turn them into losses. Digitex is the first exchange that allows traders to keep 100% of their profits with no house edge working against them. I couldn’t be happier to finally share my dream of commission-free trading with the world.”

The Digitex Futures public launch will be accompanied by an all-day trading event with Adam Todd and some of the biggest influencers in the crypto space. The platform will also give away $250,000 worth in its native DGTX tokens along with branded merchandise during the event. In order to participate in the trading event, all you have to do is sign up for an account on the platform on July 31, deposit 1000 DGTX, and maintain the balance throughout the day.

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