Floki Inu Bark Attracts BSC And Ethereum Whales


Dog-themed meme currency Floki Inu, named after Elon Musk’s Shiba Inu dog, is attracting Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain whales after receiving speculative market interest on Friday.

On social media, Shiba and Floki followers engage in a heated debate over an ad for their respective dog-themed cryptocurrency.

This may have been good news to FLOKI as Ethereum and BSC whales began to show interest in the cryptocurrency.

According to data aggregator portal WhaleStats, FLOKI is currently among the top 10 tokens acquired in the last 24 hours by 1,000 of the biggest ETH and BSC whales out there today.

Bearish Movement

Floki Inu is trading at $0.000038 on Friday, down 3.8%, with a low of $0.00003697 and a high of $0.00003967.

The crypto has a trading volume of $4,559,495 in the past 24 hours.

According to live market data, the asset price has been climbing in the last few months and has become a crowd favorite in cryptocurrency markets.

However, the crypto is showing bearish movement. In Friday’s intraday chart, market swings derail Floki Inu, leading to a negative trend.

Floki Inu Forecast

Based on market trends and analysis, the price of FLOKI has greater room to either rise or fall in the near future.

Although it has risen somewhat due to recent market trends, it is currently trading below the baseline.

Because of recent price declines, the current sentiment of Floki traders is “fear,” which, in the short term, could affect its price in a negative way.

Some market observers anticipate the price of Floki Inu to continue to drop in the coming days.

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If support at $0.00004 is not broken, Floki may fall as low as $0.00003, if not lower.

If support at $0.00004 is not breached, Floki might rise as high as $0.00005 this month.

Considering the current price remains stable in the following weeks, Floki may see a positive breakthrough.

After all, the crypto is aiming for $0.001 once again.

10 Trillion Tokens

WalletInvestor’s optimistic stance on Floki Inu remains the same. The token is still seen as a profitable one-year investment by the platform.

According to its forecast, Floki prices might increase in percentage in the next five years.

If this is correct, a $100 investment in the crypto today might be worth $1,535.62 in February 2027.

As for DigitalCoinPrice, it predicts a lucrative year for the crypto.

Bullish price predictions are apparent due to its value stability which is seen to rise as the market activity of Floki Inu grows.

Meanwhile, Floki Inu has a colossal token inventory, with the creators confirming a maximum supply of 10 trillion tokens.

Its designers believe this is achievable since it outperforms other cryptocurrencies like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin in  terms of utility.

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Featured image from Yahoo! Finance, chart from TradingView.com

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