Former Tinder Exec Swipes Right These Three Crypto Startups


Crypto startups are becoming less frequent as interest in the emerging fintech industry cools off, however, there was once a time that cryptocurrency-related startups were a dime-a-dozen, making finding clear winner a difficult and risky process.

However, a former Tinder executive has shared his list of the most promising digital asset startups the industry has to offer currently, and provided reasons as to why the three businesses stand out from the rest of the pack of crypto projects vying for investor’s money.

Three Crypto Startups With Promising Futures, According to Former Tinder Exec

The crypto industry was plagued by too many startups at the end of 2017, resulting in an incredible amount of useless ICOs, burned investors, and projects with very little promise or potential. The abundance of projects providing very little utility or use case, caused the crypto bubble to finally pop.

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As air deflated from the bubble, so did the surge in new crypto startups who struggled to find as much support as there once was, leaving only the strongest to survive.

Out of the ashes, could come some of the largest brands the world has ever seen, much like what occurred with Amazon during the dot com bubble and how it has over time evolved into the largest online retailer in the world.

The three most promising crypto projects, according to former Tinder revenue exec, Jeff Morris Jr., are the Brave browser, Lolli, and Rally Rd.

While these days it may be more difficult to find a project worth swiping right one, the three projects offer something unique to crypto users that help them stand out in a sea of Bitcoin and Ethereum wannabes.

Brave is the latest, privacy-focused browser from Brendan Eich, the creator of Javascript and Firefox. The browser hopes to reinvent the current ad-driven revenue model the internet is accustomed to, and instead reward users for their attention through the Basic Attention Token.

Lolli is an add-on for web browsers like Google Chrome or even Brave, that can be used to earn Bitcoin-back on retail shopping. Simply enable the add-on, and do your normal internet browsing and shopping, and Lolli alerts you when you’re visiting one of their many retail partners, such as Best Buy, Macy’s, and Wal-mart. Each purchase made with Lolli enabled earns the user a portion of Bitcoin back depending on the percentage offered back by each individual retailer.

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Finally, Rally Rd is an iPhone app that allows users to invest in “blue-chip collectibles” such as rare baseball cards, automobiles, expensive scotch and wine, and much more. Rally Rd turns these collectibles into stocks for investors to claim a portion of ownership in.

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