French Exchange LordToken Sets To Go Live Following A US$15.7 Million Fundraising


LordToken, the french exchange powered by Binance Cloud has successfully completed its initial funding round, raising US$15.7 million in several rounds of token sales. This sets the stone rolling in preparation for the grand launch of the LordToken exchange.

François Denis the co-founder of LordToken made a key remark to expressed his optimism towards the conclusion of the fundraising and the upcoming launch of the platform:

“This is an exciting time for us and everyone who believes in the LordToken mission; our fundraising drew more significant interest than we had anticipated, which shows how much the community believed in the project. With the launch date approaching, this will mark the start of a long journey for us as we pioneer the future of revolutionary cloud-based cryptocurrency exchange.”

The LordToken fundraising was conducted in two phases, the first round was concluded in November 2021 with a $5.5  million raise, followed by a $10.2 million raised in the second round which was concluded at the end of January 2022. According to LordToken, the conclusion of the token sales will pave the way for the issuance of its native tokens, the LTT, which will be listed on popular DEX and the LordToken Exchange on the 9th of March.

LordToken is a service platform that facilitates access to the crypto-assets ecosystem with high-end customer service to bring to its users an unmatched trading experience.

Lordtoken Is A One-Stop Solution To The Current Crypto Exchange Woes

Security and Compliance: Cryptocurrency exchanges have long been the subject of contention, owing to multiple incidences of hacking and concerns with anti-money laundering measures. However, regulatory attention is gradually shifting to their main activity, which is trading. To address this brewing issue from the root, LordToken is already in discussion with major regulators in several jurisdictions and has also incorporated strict partnerships with KYC/AML leading players.

Liquidity: Orders will be processed swiftly on a high-liquidity exchange. The ease with which an asset may be converted into fiat currencies, or from one cryptocurrency to another, is referred to as liquidity. This is a critical feature of the cryptocurrency industry.

Being one of the first European company to collaborate with Binance Cloud, LordToken has the unmatched privilege of accessing deep liquidity from the Binance Cloud infrastructure. This ultimately enables the seamless exchange and trading of tokens at the best market prices.

A Glance At LordToken’s Suites Of Products

With a mission to build a fully compliant, high-security exchange in the global landscape, LordToken is not leaving any stone unturned by ensuring that it delivers an ecosystem that beats the standard already set by existing exchanges, providing a unique experience for its community of users.

LordToken is designed to be user-friendly, providing ease of access to both pros and newbies in the crypto landscape, while maintaining high privacy. The project team reiterated their commitment to being a one-stop solution by assembling, at launch or in a near future, a range of products custom-designed to serve its already growing community:

Launchpad: An exclusive token launch platform or incubator to help crypto projects to gain visibility. The LordToken Launchpad will help blockchain projects raise funds and expand their presence throughout the crypto ecosystem, allowing them to launch their product faster.

DCA & copy-trading services: In addition to providing a seamless trading experience, the LordToken exchange will be equipped with relevant trading tools such as DCA and copy-trading to give traders the edge to make the most out of the cryptocurrency market.

NFT marketplace: The LordToken NFT marketplace will serve as a conduit or meeting place for collectors and creators. Creators can offer their NFTs on the marketplace, allowing collectors to bid, purchase, and sell their favorite NFTs.

24/7 support: As a user-centric platform, the exchange places its users at the forefront of all its operations, as such it will ensure swift customer support and quick resolutions of issues.

Final Thoughts

While crypto-assets and their ecosystem is rallying towards massive adoption being driven by NFTs and DeFi products, security and compliance are becoming an everyday topic. LordToken is putting up a framework to ensure the safety of users through numerous compliance initiatives. It will be fascinating to keep tabs on LordToken to witness how it pioneers the cause of things within the crypto industry in the near future.


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