Give Thanks For These Crypto and Bitcoin Black Friday Deals


Between rounds of turkey, naps and explaining to your drunk uncle who listened to CNN on “How to Buy Ripple” when it was over $3 as to why crypto is down 99%, try to score on one of the many Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related Black Friday discounts.

We’ve rounded up the best the world of crypto has to offer, including hardware wallets, charting software, books, and much more.

Best Bitcoin Black Friday Deals for Crypto Investors

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States, and that means it’s a time to celebrate the country’s early roots and be thankful for our families, health, and wealth. It’s also a time to stuff yourself senseless with turkey and pie, then wait in line overnight just to bust through the doors of a local retailer – willing to be trampled if necessary – in order to score the best deal possible.

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But rather than head to the store, digital currencies and the deals for related products exist online-only, allowing you to shop and save right from the comfort of your couch, phone, or even your trading desk.

While digital currencies do indeed exist online only, with no physical form, the best and safest way to store cryptocurrencies is offline in cold storage. Lucky for crypto investors wanting to HODL for the long term – or until Bitcoin hits $100K each – a variety of hardware wallet manufacturers are running deals online.

Ledger is offering a 30% sitewide discount on its Nano S and Nano X hardware wallets and the rest of its product lineup. The deal runs through December 2nd. Competitor Trezor is also offering 30% off using the promo code TRZR30. KeepKey offers the cheapest deal of all, and is running a $5 crypto hardware wallet special. For less than a tenth of a Litecoin or a couple dozen Ripple, you can protect your crypto from cybercriminals.

Another amazing deal comes from charting software TradingView, which is offering up to 60% off their Pro, Pro+ and Premium subscriptions. Not only does the discount save you some dough on a subscription, it could end up making you money if you learn enough about technical analysis and start stacking sats stat. Then you’ll have more to send to the cold storage wallet you picked up.

Confused about how to even use a crypto hardware wallet, want to learn more about technical analysis, or just want to learn more about Bitcoin and crypto? Check out some of the many books on sale on Amazon for Black Friday. Each book is listed at 20% off or more.

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Maybe you let your Amazon Prime subscription go after they raised their fees and becoming tired of Jeff Bezos earning $2000 a second and you’d rather shop elsewhere, take advantage of Lolli or the FOLD app. Lolli is a Chrome browser plugin – Brave compatible for the crypto diehards – that lets you shop at major retailers on Black Friday and earn cashback. Lolli works with Best Buy, Macy’s, Wal-Mart, and so many more. The FOLD app works a little differently, instead allowing you to buy gift cards to spend at retailers on Black Friday but with the added benefit of earning up to 20% sats-back on purchases using the app.

Of course, no Black Friday deals article would be complete without pointing to the flash sale currently going on across the crypto market. Altcoins are as much as 99% off their all-time high prices, and even Bitcoin is over 40% off its price from this past summer.

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