Global Altcoin Breakout Could Usher Return of Alt Season Crypto Riches


The altcoin market has been ablaze all 2020 thus far, after the total crypto market and many individual altcoins broke out from downtrend resistance and went on massive rallies.

Next, altcoins are preparing a global breakout of major, horizontal resistance, which if holds could lead to a return of alt season and richest beyond investor’s wildest imaginations.

Altcoin Market Prepares For Break Above Critical Overhead Resistance

Across the top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap, altcoins have been exploding in value, with some gaining over 400% during their recent local rallies. Ethereum, Litecoin, and even XRP are now through their diagonal downtrend lines.

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The collective bullish price action across the altcoin space, is causing the total altcoin market to contest with horizontal, overhead resistance – potentially the last remaining hurdle before a new bull market is in full effect.

According to one crypto analyst, if the altcoin market cap breaks out and holds above $90 billion USD for a few daily candle closes, the market will be primed for additional, powerful upside in the coming months ahead.

It’s revived discussion across the crypto community about an “alt season” coming “soon.”

Alt seasons are often short, yet explosive periods of time where altcoins outperform Bitcoin by a significant margin and often go on rallies that result in over a few thousand percent gains.

History Repeats: Is Alt Season Finally Upon the Crypto Market?

The idea of alt season has turned itself into a meme after each time it was mentioned throughout 2019, it almost immediately led to a deep selloff in altcoins.

Before the breakout occurred, the bottoming pattern according to another analyst claimed appeared to resemble early Bitcoin price charts, suggesting that “life-changing wealth” could be ahead for altcoin investors.

If an alt season does occur, that’s exactly what will happen if history repeats itself.

During previous alt seasons, Litecoin rallied from $96 to $420 in just five total days. This amounts to a 337% increase.

In roughly the same amount of time, XRP rallied from 16 cents apiece to as much as $3.50 per XRP token, resulting in an over 2,000% gain for Ripple investors.

Ethereum during this time rallied from $300 to $1,400 per ETH. A year earlier each ETH token was just $5.

It wasn’t uncommon to see such incredible returns on investments. It was this buying frenzy that caused the crypto hype bubble in late 2017 – a bubble that popped and caused much of the astronomical gains to be completely erased.

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Although altcoins are pumping “crazy as of late” like analysts are claiming, their primary use remains little more than speculation. So the next time your altcoin portfolio reaches gains of 1000% or more, remember to consider taking some profit this time around – because there’s always a chance what goes up, comes back down.

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