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Cryptocurrencies are rapidly on the rise and thanks to Blockchain technology, it seems that digital assets will be a core part of our lives in the future.

Bitcoin ATMs can now be found in shops where investors can purchase BTC or owners can withdraw in Fiat cash.

Sending funds digitally to anyone on the planet with an internet connection, instantly, has a massive global appeal. The fact that it has such scalability and does not require any third party interruptions from banks has helped BTC popularity soar.

Although the esteem of Cryptocurrencies continues to grow in public interest, that doesn’t mean it is 100% stable. Cryptocurrencies do carry a volatility factor.

So how can profits be made on Bitcoin volatility without necessarily holding?

The answer lies with – trading digital assets.

Many existing online brokers offer leveraged trading on a range of digital assets such as Bitcoin where traders can long and short BTC against USD and an array of other pairs.

If you have invested in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and you fear a price dip, then fear not as there is a solution. The solution would lie in going short on a trading platform. Going short as in opening a ‘sell’ trade so you, as a trader, can benefit from a downward price movement.

Equally, if you feel that the market will take an upturn, you can deposit into a trading platform using BTC and ‘go long’ on BTC and watch your investment grow and your account balance bulge. By submitting a ‘buy’ trade using high leverage, you can not only watch your trading account balance grow but your ROI will be most pleasing.

Don’t just HODL, LODL. 

Leveraged trading can really help to maximize your personal BTC growth, especially when using platforms that facilitate BTC as a primary deposit and withdrawal option.

Prospective BTC traders should consider a broker that offers pristine trading conditions, leverage options, tight spreads and access to a 24/7 support team.

CryptoRocket offers the right trading environment for BTC traders. They offer over 30 Cryptocurrency pairs with a max leverage of 1:100. Deposit in BTC today and HODL in a BIT vault or protect your investment by storing funds in USD, GBP or EUR.

Before diving into BTC trading, it is advisable to conduct some research into the markets first. The recent outbreak of Coronavirus has helped BTC gain momentum as freedom of movement is restricted and fiat currencies suffer. Although this is front-page news, there are global events that aren’t always as obvious as such a headline. Meaning it is vital to read and research before entering markets to be prepared.

To protect an open position, trading platforms such as MT4 carry features such as ‘’Take Profit’’ and ‘’Stop Loss’’.

‘Take profit’ is a great feature when setting yourself a target profit. Traders enter the amount they would be happy to take and the system will auto close the position, meaning if you feel a market upward movement, traders can walk away from the trade and let the platform do the rest. The target profit will literally take the profit a trader tells it to when triggered.

‘Stop-loss’ features work in the same way in that you can enter an amount you would be willing to lose without worrying about waking up to a completely depleted account balance.

Using a range of research and analysis materials as well as broker platform features to protect investments, you should be fully equipped to tackle digital asset trading head-on.

Join and start trading Bitcoin from as little as $10.00.

Good luck!

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