If $7,700 Holds, Bitcoin Price Could Soon Surge by 20%


On Saturday evening, the Bitcoin price started to show hints of weakness after a short bout of consolidation. As of the time of writing this, the leading cryptocurrency has dipped to $8,300 — a level which analyst Josh Rager has indicated as key for BTC to hold in order to maintain a formation of consecutively higher lows.

Although there are some expecting for Bitcoin to soon break under $8,300, potentially to establish new multi-month lows under $7,000, an argument has been posed that as long as $7,700 holds, $10,000 is within BTC’s grasp.

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Bitcoin Price Ready to Retake $10,000?

Josh Olszewicz, Brave New Coin analyst, recently took to Twitter to lay out Bitcoin’s current chart structure, posing the question if BTC will hit $5,000 or $10,000 to his followers. He observed a confluence of both bullish and bearish factors, seemingly hinting that the market is undecided about where it should head next.

Due to this, Olszewicz was asked by a follower if he is leaning long or short. Despite a few harrowing signs — namely Bitcoin being rejected by the 200-day exponential moving average and the Aligator indicator trending neutral/bearish — the analyst quipped that he expects for Bitcoin to rally by some 20% to $10,000 “as long as $7,700 holds.”

While Olszewicz’s opinion may sound too optimistic to some cynical analysts, there are other tidbits of technical evidence to suggest that Bitcoin soon starts to move back to five-digit territory.

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Bitcoin’s one-day Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), a lagging indicator that tracks market trends and momentum,  has crossed into the green after a precipitous drop to the most oversold levels since the December crash.

An analyst noted in reference to this technical indicator that bullish MACD crosses “always were followed by price rises [previously],” before adding that Bitcoin has the potential to reach $12,000 by November.

Also, Santiment found that Bitcoin’s social volume [has] continu[ed] its quiet decline after hitting a recent two-year low.” Indeed, BitInfo recently noted that the use of the “Bitcoin” hashtag fell to a three-year low after peaking earlier this year during the pseudo-bull run in May/June.

While many see this as a sign that Bitcoin will only fall further, even further than 40% from the year-to-date top of $14,000, Santiment argues that this can be interpreted as bullish. They wrote that historically, “low social volume has preceded large price upswings and bull runs, and high social volume has been [a] fairly reliable top indicator.”

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