Investing in the Right Crypto Could Generate 7x Returns in 24 Months


Crypterium (CRPT), the namesake utility token of the award-winning fintech startup, is listed as one of the most valuable assets of the year 2020. The well-known crypto expert and editor of Palm Beach Research Group has listed CRPT alongside four other tokens in the 2020 Phenomenon Playbook.

The 2020 Phenomenon Playbook is a special investment report that briefly analyses some of the groundbreaking crypto projects of the day to forecast its valuation and market performance. According to the report, CRPT has the potential to register a 700% gain over two years as the Crypterium project occupies a crucial place in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, making acquiring and spending cryptos as easy as cash.

What Makes Crypterium Special?

Considered the Emerging 50 Rising Star in Fintech by KPMG and H2 Ventures, Crypterium is founded by Steven Parker, former General Manager at VISA. The platform acts as a bridge between the fiat and crypto ecosystems by enabling its users to purchase crypto with fiat, send crypto to bank accounts, store in wallets and even spend crypto in places that accept fiat using the mobile app and physical cards. Crypterium makes all these possible by leveraging partnerships with leading financial institutions and smart contracts. Fueling all these transactions is the CRPT token, which is the utility token of the entire Crypterium ecosystem.

Acknowledging the company’s unique position in the crypto ecosystem, and the considerable YoY progress achieved, Tiwari says,

“We think the Crypterium app will go viral, and ultimately, tens of millions of consumers will flock to it to buy, borrow against and spend their crypto winnings.”

The value of CRPT is directly correlated to the number of transactions that happen over the Crypterium network. The report puts growth in GDV during the first quarter of 2020 at 400% over last year’s value during the same period. In the next two years, the value is projected to increase 20-fold to $100 million and hit $1 billion in the third year.


Even before the report was released, CRPT has been showing signs of growth. On May 8, 2020, the token gained 65% to trade at $0.62, signifying a 376% year-on-year change. With the 2020 Phenomenon Playbook reinforcing the positive sentiment associated with CRPT, the token’s valuation is expected to gain a significant boost in the coming days. If the predictions were to hold true, then CRPT’s value will be at least $1.92 within 24 months.


Image: The 2020 Phenomenon Playbook – Teeka Tiwari

The other four high value tokens of 2020 are Tierion (TNT), 0x(ZRX), (MCO) and Status Network Token (SNT). The 2020 Phenomenon Playbook also includes Solve.Care (SOLVE), which could potentially revolutionize the healthcare sector as a bonus token.

How Does This Affect?

In these troubling times of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are desperately looking for investment options that can generate high returns. Most of the traditional investments aren’t good enough as the entire global economy has entered a sustained bear market. However, cryptocurrencies have always been the outliers in the financial ecosystem and some of them can offer a much better return on investment compared to others.

The 2020 Phenomenon Playbook provides potential investors with a list of crypto tokens with huge growth potential, and most of these tokens are still valued at a fraction of the price of the current leading cryptocurrencies. The report published especially by someone known for his accurate predictions of financial events, including Ethereum’s meteoric rise, will encourage a lot of people to buy into the next Bitcoin.

While the report forecasts the growth over a period of two years, it could inevitably accelerate the process in the present-day situation, and all the favored tokens may register huge short term gains as well. It is up to the investors to decide whether they want to invest in CRPT and other tokens, hodl for two years or more, or make gains over the short-term.


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