Investing Just Became Private and Transparent Through AMFEIX Trading Fund


It is now a well-known fact that cryptocurrencies have emerged as one of the prominent financial instruments for investment purposes. One particular reason for such a shift is the difference in the behavior of crypto markets compared to the conventional financial ecosystem. Digital currencies like Bitcoin, on many occasions, has exhibited a negative correlation with its price going upwards while other instruments were on a downward trend. This has enabled cryptocurrencies to carve a niche for themselves, to become a safe haven investment option.

While there are plenty of positives of dealing with cryptocurrencies, it also comes with its own set of challenges. For starters, the cryptocurrency market is not for everybody as it still has a long way to become organized, like in the case of traditional markets. In such a scenario, people are forced to trade these virtual assets on their own on any of the exchanges or trading platforms that are available to the public. This practice takes a lot of one’s time as they will have to closely monitor the prices which are bound to change quite frequently owing to its volatility, in order to make meaningful returns. Those who don’t have that luxury to spare time, are forced to use trading bots or lesser-known platforms/trading pools. All these options are neither safe nor efficient.

What’s the Alternative?

In the present day, if one has to look for an alternative investment option that doesn’t need them to dedicate most of their time, then there are very few options which include the likes of traditional hedge funds or trading desks or stockbrokers who will facilitate transactions on the investor’s behalf, for a fee. Now, this is a viable option, except that one has to have a considerable size of investment to spare. And, these aren’t as transparent as cryptocurrency transactions where one can, not only keep track of the prices in real-time, and even the transactions. Also, trading in conventional asset classes comes with a load of regulatory red tape and compliances which erases any semblance of privacy that can only be enjoyed by either dealing with hard cash or cryptocurrencies.

Having It Both Ways

Is there any way where one can experience the best of both fiat and crypto worlds without having to compromise much of anything? Fortunately, it is quite possible with platforms like AMFEIX which provides a conventional hedge fund like system for cryptocurrencies, accompanied by unprecedented levels of flexibility and transparency which is only possible in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

AMFEIX is a cryptocurrency trading fund where investors can make bitcoin deposits and allow experienced fund managers to trade on their behalf to get better returns. In order to become part of the AMFEIX trading pool, 0.02 BTC is all one needs (there is no upper limit) and signing up on the platform is much easier than creating a Facebook account. However, the major difference between AMFEIX and other centralized platforms lies in privacy and transparency.

Anyone can join AMFEIX by creating an account, which includes the generation of a bitcoin wallet on the platform. This wallet will be in the user’s control and they can transfer bitcoin to that wallet address. Once the cryptocurrency is transferred to the wallet, it will become part of the AMFEIX trading fund which will be managed by experienced traders and analysts from the AMFEIX team on liquid exchanges to execute profitable trades on a daily basis. Any unused funds from the trading fund will be stored in dedicated cold wallets for safety and security. Investors on AMFEIX will have real-time access to statistics that indicate the fund’s performance.

Even though investors choose AMFEIX as a third-party to manage their funds, they can be assured of the same levels of privacy which they would enjoy if they prefer to trade on open crypto exchange platforms. This is made possible by the minimal KYC requirements, which enables users to prove their identity in a pseudo-anonymous fashion.

What’s the Catch?

The AMFEIX offering looks too good to be true. But going by the track record so far, they seem to be doing a very good job in adhering to their commitment. The company, by way of limiting exposure to market risk by investing no more than 50% of the entire fund pool at any time and contributions of the highly skilled trading team has been managing to generate anywhere between 8% to 15% in returns, month on month, even during the sustained bear market.

As far as the barrier to entry is concerned, AMFEIX has a minimum deposit of 0.02 BTC, and the proceeds of each day’s trade are reflected at every 24 hours interval. The platform doesn’t have a lock-in period and investors can at any time withdraw their funds by initiating a withdrawal that will be processed within a day’s time.

There are no deposit, withdrawal or fund handling fees on AMFEIX. The platform has a simple and straightforward pricing strategy, which is fixed at an 80:20 ratio. Meaning, AMFEIX will charge 20% of the profits and offers the remaining 80% of proceeds from trade to the investor.  But here, it is to be understood that all speculative investments come with a risk and greater rewards, so as long as the user is investing only what they can spare and experts do their job, it is worth it.


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