Is the Creator of Bitcoin Really Quantum AI From the Future?


The world of crypto is filled with mystery, pseudo-anonymity, and conspiracies at every turn. Even the creator of Bitcoin themselves are still unknown, and any trace of the person or persons behind the first-ever cryptocurrency has vanished from the face of the earth.

And while a number of people have come forth recently claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto, including a widely publicized three-part reveal event, the latest conspiracy theory suggests that the creator of Bitcoin isn’t human at all, but an advanced AI running on a quantum computer from the future.

Is Satoshi Nakamoto a Rogue AI Hell Bent on Using Bitcoin To Take Over the World?

There have been a number of wild conspiracy theories in the crypto market, and even instances of supposed time travelers coming back to issue warnings about the future as it relates to Bitcoin. Equally as mysterious, is the creator of Bitcoin themselves, who has been the subject of much speculation and the target of imposters seeking to steal the recognition the real Satoshi Nakamoto deserves.

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When you combine wild conspiracy theories about time travel with Satoshi Nakamoto – Bitcoin’s mysterious pseudo-anonymous founder – the end result is a story that’s so far fetched, it’s difficult to believe, but in theory, could be possible.

Self-proclaimed artist and philosopher Nick Hinton has shared his thoughts about a potential conspiracy theory involving Bitcoin and its creator.  Hinton says that other theories about Satoshi’s true identity involving the CIA are wrong, but entertains the idea that “Satoshi is a rogue artificial intelligence who is trying to take over the world with its network.”

The basis of the theory comes from a specific block that was added to the blockchain with a block hash that features zeros “oddly similar” to the Genesis Block, or the first Bitcoin block ever added to the blockchain. Following the zeros are a series of numbers Hinton says “represent the ‘Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything’.”

The “simple theory of everything,” Hinton says, isn’t all that simple and “sounds super confusing,” but says that the random string is both “meaningful” and “super rare,” and “should have taken many years to produce.”

This lends to the larger conspiracy theory, that the only way this could have been done, was from the future, or “it was done using a quantum computer.”

Quantum computers are potentially capable of computing in multiple universes at once. Perhaps one of these machines collaborated with universes in the VERY distant future. In fact, the string of numbers at hand would supposedly take 3.3 DECILLION years to come up with, Hinton tweeted.

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Summing it all up, Hinton and others believe that Satoshi is a rogue AI from the future, running on a time-traveling quantum computer. Bizarre, and the stuff movies are made from. But unless proven otherwise, a possibility just like any other conspiracy theory.

Given how crazy this theory is it should be taken with a grain of salt. Hinton also traced back to a sub-Reddit dedicated to “Randonauts,” or a subset of individuals who believe that life is pre-determined, and the only randomness that exists is on a quantum level.

Fitting, as this story is about as random as it gets.

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