Kraken Tempts “Bitcoiners of Nordea” with Crypto Company Employment Options


One of the the longest running crypto asset exchange platforms has tried to tempt employees at the Nordea bank away from the anti-Bitcoin financial institution. Kraken tagged the Northern European giant in a tweet showing off its own latest and extensive employment opportunities.

The amusing offer to take in former Nordea employees follows a Danish court upholding the bank’s decision to ban workers from investing the crypto assets. The reasoning cited for the clear invasion of employee privacy was that the space was too risky and potentially associated with financial crime.

Come to Crypto: Bitcoin Exchange Tells Nordea Employees it’s Hiring

The Kraken Bitcoin exchange has responded to the recent Danish court ruling that Nordea has the right to tell customers what they can and can’t invest in. NewsBTC reported on the story earlier this week. The court agreed with the major Northern European financial company that Bitcoin did represent a significant risk and that customer knowledge of staff investing in crypto might bring negative attention to the bank. It, therefore, ruled that Nordea bank’s policy was perfectly acceptable.

Bringing the case to the Copenhagen court in the first place was the nation’s union for financial industry employees. Clearly, there must have been significant popular opposition amongst the more than 30,000 Nordea Bank Danmark A/S employees for the legal challenge to have been deemed necessary.

It’s impossible to say whether it was objections to the bank telling employees what they could spend their private wealth on or whether it’s the fact that they can no longer buy and use digital assets that prompted the legal action. However, in case it’s the latter, crypto exchange Kraken felt it pertinent to inform the staff of various job openings it has at the moment. Of course, it has no problem with its own employees holding or using Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

In the above tweet, the company includes a link to the story detailing the justified-in-court invasion of staff privacy at Nordea and one to its own job opportunities page. The long-running crypto exchange appears to be in something of a hiring spree since it has openings in marketing, finance, legal, IT, development, and compliance, with opportunities to work for the firm either remotely or in one of several locations around the world.

Although the appeal to Nordea staff to join the crypto industry is likely meant humorously, it would not be so far fetched to imagine former Nordea employees to land positions at Kraken. Just yesterday, for example, Julian Sawyer, the former CEO and co-founder of the Starling Bank in the UK, joined the exchange giant Gemini exchange as managing director of the company’s UK and European operations.


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