LuckyBit’s New Affiliate Programme Is a Great Passive Income Opportunity


In the world of crypto, there is a lot of hype and disillusion – vanishingly small exchange commissions and iGaming referral schemes with a total lack of transparency. LuckyBit is different. Since 2013, their platform has been community-based and built on trust and transparency. LuckyBit is now bringing those same values to its affiliate programme.

In unprecedented market conditions following the pandemic, people the world over are looking for opportunities to build legitimate, and profitable passive earning streams. For any bitcoin enthusiasts with a strong network or advertising presence, LuckyBit’s August 2020 announcement is a great opportunity. LuckyBit’s affiliate system will see up to 50% of gaming revenue paid in commission to users, and with the iGaming market expected to reach a value of $54bn this year, the opportunity to develop a genuinely life-changing passive income stream has never been greater.

LuckBit is a unique entity. Nowadays, there are a plethora of online casinos that accept bitcoin. But LuckyBit has always been bitcoin-focused. Founded in 2013, LuckyBit started as a community-focused on-chain project and has kept its community-focused vibe and values while growing into a fully-fledged casino. All LuckyBit’s games are in-house developed and unique, and LuckyBit’s emphasis is always on 100% transparency and fairness.

Earn Passive Income Today

True to LuckyBit’s Provably Fair business model, LuckyBit’s affiliate programme offers a transparent, fair, and competitively tiered revenue share model with the added advantage of No Negative Carry Over (NNCO). The affiliate programme considers all of your players’ bets, minus their winnings, bonuses and fees. This is a way to calculate your players Net Gaming Revenue, which is the key to learn how much you are earning.

Here’s a closer look at the affiliate program:

  • Tier 1 ( 0-1 BTC Revenue) – 25% Share
  • Tier 2 (1-3BTC Revenue) – 30% Share
  • Tier 3 (3-10BTC Revenue) – 35% Share
  • Tier 4 (10BTC – 25BTC Revenue) – 40% Share
  • Tier 5 (25+ BTC) – 50% Share

What’s more, when starting as a new affiliate with LuckyBit, you are guaranteed to get a minimum of 35% revenue share for the first 3 months! Win-win!

No Negative Carryover (NNCO)

NCCO means, very simply, that negative results do not burden your chances for next month! Let’s say your players win 2BTC (Net Gaming Revenue is negative -2BTC), there will be no affiliate payout. However, when it comes to next month, your balance will reset to 0.

As Easy as 1-2-3!
And the best thing about the affiliate program? Accessing your passive income is as easy as 1-2-3. All you have to do is:

  1. Sign-up on the main affiliate page
  2. Pick-up your referral link
  3. Distribute the link to your affiliate players

Once your players sign-up with the affiliate link, they can deposit and start playing immediately. And you start earning real bitcoins.

Better Rewards for Signing Up than Ever
To make your affiliate sign-ups as easy as possible, LuckyBit is now offering some serious promotions and events to new players:

  • 10$ Welcome Bonus (No Deposit)
  • 100% Deposit Bonus up to $500
  • 1BTC Jackpot Race

LuckyBit’s affiliate programme creates an amazing chance for you to create a passive income of real bitcoins. Are you a believer in the future of bitcoin? Then maybe you should start accumulating the bitcoins as soon as possible. This is probably the most fun and the easiest way you can imagine – set it up and watch the bitcoins trickle in!

To join the affiliate program, visit this link, or to sign up as a player, visit this link

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