Lumi Wallet announces Zero-Fee Crypto Exchange


Lumi Wallet, a multi-currency crypto wallet that recently became open-source has announced in its blog, the introduction of zero-fee facility for crypto-crypto exchange through its in-wallet exchange feature.  To benefit from this offer, users will have to use the promotional code “HEYHEY” while checking out.

Lumi claims that this will allow users to make their crypto trading experience smoother and more comfortable. Private wallets are known to provide greater security than exchanges, but exchange rates tend to be better in the latter. Lumi Wallet seems to address this challenge and close the gap.

Lumi Wallet is one of the few wallet platforms to offer both crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat exchange features within the application. Even before the introduction of 0% feature, it had some of the lowest exchange fees in the industry. Now, with no fees, Lumi Wallet has become the most beneficial option for users to store, manage and exchange cryptocurrencies.

The zero-fee crypto-crypto exchange promotion has come at the right time, as the cryptocurrency market registered a spike in interest for exchange around the Bitcoin halving event. With the event over, everyone is busy coming up with their own strategy, fixing positions etc., in order to profit from the forecasted high-volatility phase.

In addition to the zero-fee crypto exchange campaign, Lumi Wallet also has few more exciting things in the pipeline, which includes further expansion of platform localization and the recent decision to make the wallet application open source.

Open Source and Future plans

Lumi is one of the very few wallet platforms to take the bold step of opening its doors to the public by going open source. With all the necessary privacy and security features including client-side encryption in place, the non-custodial Lumi Wallet is now aiming for additional transparency by making its codebase available for public consumption and review on GitHub.

By becoming an open source software product, Lumi Wallet is now among the few private wallets that are open both for users and developers. It also helps the project receive inputs from the global developer community, contributing towards accelerated upgrades and future developments.

Apart from these, another significant development in Lumi Wallet involves additional localization packages. The expansion in other languages allows Lumi to cater to its global audience by connecting with them in their local language. So far, the platform was available with localization in Japanese, Korean, Russian and German. Now, it will be adding few more, viz. Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian, effectively covering a major part of the EU languages.

Lumi Wallet is available on Web, Android, and iOS devices. It supports some of the leading cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, EOS, BCH and over 1200 ERC20 tokens. The wallet doesn’t collect or ask for any user data, thereby allowing them to operate anonymously while maintaining complete control over the funds stored in the wallet. The ongoing promotion is expected to attract more users to the platform, and with the project going open source, the expectations set by developers are high with respect to feature additions and product development. It is to be seen whether Lumi will fulfill or exceed the expectations of the community in the coming days.



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