MiL.k’s MLK Lists on Kucoin as Blockchain Loyalty Platform Levels Up


Blockchain rewards platform MiL.k has maintained its impressive run through 2020 by securing a listing for Milk Coin (MLK) on KuCoin. The native token of MiL.k Alliance will be available for trading from August 6 on the cryptocurrency exchange, paired against BTC and USDT. The listing will add liquidity to the MLK token while extending the utility of MiL.k’s blockchain rewards platform. Having built a solid foundation within South Korea, where the project was founded, MiL.k is now extending its goal of an interchangeable loyalty points platform to a global audience.


KuCoin’s decision to list MLK is a sign that MiL.k is starting to spread its wings and bring the benefits of swappable loyalty points to markets beyond Asia. As the brand grows, more integrations with lifestyle, hospitality, and leisure companies are expected to be announced, increasing the utility of both the MiL.k Alliance platform and the token itself. The project already has several major brands onboard including Yanolja, a South Korean travel unicorn with 8 million users, and Shinsegae Duty-Free, which is part of the retail giant Shinsegae group.

MiL.k Pours into the European Market

KuCoin is a popular exchange for retail traders in Europe and Asia. It’s made a name for itself through a willingness to move fast and list fast, adding assets from new and rising projects that have a strong community in place. Once MLK joins the KuCoin family on August 6, it will become easier for users of the MiL.k app to acquire Milk Coin and use it in their daily lives to enjoy discounts in retail stores and on travel.

Despite 2020 having been a dire year for the travel industry, which has been shocked by the effects of the coronavirus, MiL.k’s loyalty platform has flourished. Although designed for OTAs, airlines, and other travel industry operators, MiL.k’s diversification into leisure and retail has helped it gain traction at a time when other startups are treading water.

In April, MiL.k revealed that it had integrated with Yanolja, South Korea’s fastest-growing online travel agency, enabling members to connect the Yanolja app to the MiL.k app to earn rewards and participate in MiL.k promotions. A similar integration with Shinsegae Duty-Free, a popular retail outlet in downtown Seoul, swiftly followed. Then, in July, MiL.k introduced a hybrid staking program, providing incentives for MLK holders to lock their tokens into the MiL.k app and earn rewards.

Loyalty Points Belong on a Blockchain

MiL.k, which was launched in 2019 by Jayden Joo and Rooney Jung, effectively turns reward points into a currency of their own that can be traded for other reward points or even cash. The project tackles the problem of rewards points going to waste because customers are unable to spend them with the issuer.

MiL.k was born out of the belief that loyalty points should be freed from their siloed apps and ecosystems and utilized throughout the world. To achieve this, MiL.k has developed a blockchain-based platform to aggregate loyalty points and make them exchangeable with Milk Coin (MLK). MLK can be combined with rewards points to claim additional discounts with participating partners, and used to claim coupons within the app.

Like all networks, MiL.k is a product whose value increases are more participants – both users and businesses – are onboarded to its ecosystem. Securing the participation of more retailers, OTAs, online stores, and shopping centers will be key to achieving this. As will increasing the availability of Milk Coin on global exchanges. MLK’s KuCoin listing is an important step in realizing this while helping MiL.k flow into new markets.

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