OKEx Adds 10 New Charts to its skewAnalytics Dashboard, Increases Transparency


The global crypto spot exchange and derivatives trading platform, OKEx has taken its partnership with one of the trusted crypto derivatives market data platform Skew to the next level. According to a recent announcement by OKEx, it will be adding ten new advanced charts featuring in-depth metrics to its dashboard on the skew platform.

Leaders in their respective spaces, OKEx and skew joined hands a couple of months ago. As a part of the collaboration, OKEx became the first trading platform to create its own dashboard using the newly launched skewAnalytics Hosting Service. It allowed over 750 leading market participants to access dedicated real-time trading information with a complete breakdown of BTC and ETH Futures and Swaps and BTC Options from the OKEx platform.

The latest phase will witness the inclusion of additional charts into the skew dashboard which includes BTC Futures Aggregated Open Interest, BTC Perpetual Swap Price vs Spot, BTC Options Volumes & Open Interest, BTC Options OI by Strike and BTC Options OI by Expiry. The implementation of advanced charts and more in-depth metrics add to the platform’s transparency as OKEx makes its products accessible to a wider audience of both retail and novice traders. Institutional and professional traders also stand to benefit from the added transparency as they can make use of the data to device more efficient trading strategies.

OKEx has also created a complimentary guide to highlight and explain some of the new charts available on skew.

The Director of Financial Markets at OKEx, Lennix Lai offered his comments on the new development said, “We hope to provide even greater transparency for users through this second phase with skew. That also means helping traders understand how to interpret sometimes complex charts and how to use the information to execute better trades. The guide will show users how to read and interpret some of the new OKEx charts on skew since they can be daunting at first and are typically left for advanced users.”

With OKEx constantly working on bettering its offering for the trading community, more feature additions to its exclusive skew dashboard can be expected in the coming days.


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