OKEx Now Offers Real-time “Tick-by-Tick” Market Tracker for All of Its Trading Products


The leading crypto exchange and trading platform OKEx has announced the launch of real-time market trackers across all of its trading instruments. The market tracker christened “Tick-by-Tick” functions via OKEx API to help traders make investment decisions by sending them real-time updates on price movement across all crypto markets in the form of push notifications.

Available for all trading products, the Tick-by-Tick market tracker launch closely follows another technical upgrade – Ticket-by-Ticket push notifications for the futures product. With this latest offering, OKEx is now one of the only three global crypto exchanges to have that feature. The other two exchanges include Coinbase and BitMEX.

The real-time crypto market tracker is a handy tool for the trading community, as it helps them stay updated about price movements of volatile assets. The Tick-by-Tick push notification feature is a huge improvement from the previously available system where the OKEx API updated prices once every 100ms. By doing away with the delay, traders and investors on OKEx will now be able to devise much better trading strategies and place profitable trades. While it is a very handy feature of great significance for every trader, it will be loved the most by high-frequency trading institutions and professional traders.

The crypto industry is constantly undergoing transformation with lots of new technological innovations and product features being introduced at regular intervals. The first movers in this industry generally end up creating the benchmark for others to eventually catch up. OKEx has a long list of achievements to its credit, including the distinction of being the first platform to offer the most comprehensive trading products including spot, futures, swap and options. According to the company, Tick-by-Tick is one such additional milestone that results in a better trading experience, and the trio (OKEx, Coinbase and BitMEX) have set an example for the whole industry to follow.

Elaborating on the impact of real-time market trackers, it is not just the investors and institutions that are going to benefit from it but also crypto projects so that they can manage their tokens better, and analysts as they will more precise information to predict the market.




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