OKEx #WomenInCrypto Celebrates Gender Equality and Women Empowerment on Women’s Day 2020


The introduction of Bitcoin over a decade ago symbolized the emergence of democratic values in the financial ecosystem. It was the first attempt towards financial empowerment as well as equality of all the participants in the ecosystem where anyone, anywhere can hold and make transactions using the digital currency. The same essence has to be carried forward in the billion-dollar cryptocurrency industry as well. OKEx, the world’s largest cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange platform has taken a step forward by sending the message of gender equality this Women’s Day.

The company kickstarted its social campaign on March 8, 2020 – International Women’s Day as an initiative to show appreciation and embrace women’s empowerment. As a part of the event, OKEx invited over 20 female leaders from different segments of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry to share their inspiration and vision to the future.

The CEO of OKEx Jay Hao, appropriately redefined HODL on the occasion by saying, “The International Women’s Day is a big day for everyone to celebrate gender equality and women’s empowerment. Humble-Outstanding-Diligent-Leaders. It is for women who hold strong and generate positive impacts in the male-dominated crypto industry. Some may overlook their phenomenal work and neglect their incredible talents, but still, they persist and work even harder.”

It is not just the crypto industry where there is a huge disparity between male and female workforces. It is found on different levels across the science and technology sector, which many are trying to address, albeit slowly. The OKEx campaign is a step in the right direction and going by Hao’s statement, it is something the company intends to address at least within its organization.

“#WomenInCrypto campaign is not only in celebration of today but to create awareness on gender equality. At OKEx, we value our female talents and are proud to achieve a high level of gender diversity across our offices. In the future, we will continue to empower women and create a happy and harmonious workplace with gender equality,” added Jay Hao.

Among the deserving women invited to the event were those from crypto media, influencers, organizational leaders and more. It is worth noting that the female contribution within the Bitcoin community has more than doubled in the past couple of years. Recent data from CoinDance shows that the number of women in Bitcoin space has increased from 5% in 2018 to over 12.8%, as they continue to demonstrate their unique sense, creativity and leadership in the industry and contribute to its growth.

Giving a glimpse of the changing landscape, Bitcoinist’ s Cryptocurrency Journalist Christina Comben said, “We’re getting better at tightening the narrative, at explaining the benefits of cryptocurrency without complicating it, at building the infrastructure… that are more user-friendly with obvious USPs. But there is still plenty of work to be done as well as plenty of space for all types of people to join in,” Further addressing the women she said, “Understand that the biggest barrier to entry may be yourself. Yes, this [is] a male-dominated industry, but no one is actively denying women access. Many of the females that have entered are killing it in the space. Blockchain is gender-neutral. Don’t let anyone make you think otherwise and don’t let anything stand in your way.”

For any industry to scale new heights, there is a huge need for determined, hardworking and ambitious individuals as well as teams. Women are equally motivated as men and they are willing to break barriers and make valuable contributions to any field they work. All it takes it the creation of a right, unbiased environment with equal opportunities and recognition of their efforts.

More quotes from the women in crypto are available on OKEx’s Twitter timeline.

Image by Igor Link from Pixabay

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