Old Bitcoin Miner Proves Craig Wright has No Access to 145 Tulip Trust Addresses


Signed messages claiming Craig Wright is a fraud were sent from 145 Bitcoin addresses Wright listed were his in the Tulip Trust. The addresses seemed to have belonged to an early Bitcoin miner and have prompted a slew of accusations against Wright from some of the industry’s most influential figures.

Early Bitcoin Miner Calls Craig Wright a Fraud

Craig Wright, the chief scientist at nChan and self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin, has been called a fraud by an anonymous early Bitcoin miner. Said miner had signed a message earlier today by using the 145 addresses Wright claimed [pdf] were his and were held by the controversial Tulip Trust.

According to blockchain explorer Bitcoin.com, the message was sent from Bitcoin address 12cFuwo1i3FMhkmJoCN8D4SjeCeRsXf96q and contained the following message:

“Craig Steven Wright is a liar and a fraud. He doesn’t have the keys used to sign this message. The Lightning Network is a significant achievement. However, we need to continue work on improving on-chain capacity. Unfortunately, the solution is not to just change a constant in the code or to allow powerful participants to force out others. We are all Satoshi.”

The message was signed by 145 addresses, all of which were included in the documents filed to the court in which Wright listed the Bitcoin addresses he owned.

We Are All Satoshi. Except Craig Wright

Despite this being the second time in less than a week that an address Wright claims was his moved funds or signed messages, the controversial scientist’s supporters claimed that Wright never claimed the addresses were his and that the list he provided to the court was just “possible” addresses that fit the required criteria. 

This, however, has so far been debunked as the addresses were, in fact, listed as those belonging to Wright. A report from BitMEX Research also found that the addresses used to sign the message were not associated with Satoshi Nakamoto, further discrediting Wright’s claims. 

The messages prompted reactions from some of the industry’s most influential figures, including Adam Back, the CEO of Blockstream, and Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance. 

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