OVRLands Mints 778k NFTs on Polygon


And so it’s another significant feat achieved by OVRLand.

OVR (a non-fungible tokens – NFTs) metaverse has hit another milestone by minting over 778k NFTs in about six days to become arguably the biggest and most active gas burner on Polygon. Currently, OVRLand has the largest owners community, more extensive than the Metaverse incumbents like the Sandbox and Decentraland.

According to the team, OVR boasts the most active NFT community in the metaverse.

NFTs are basically digital assets that are situated on blockchain technology. Ideally, they’re a unique set of non-interchangeable tokens that offer individuals the power to own as well as fully control a digital item.

Every NFT comes with a specific digital identifier that can’t be copied, subdivided, or substituted. That way, together with the immutability that blockchain technology offers, makes NFTs valuable assets for not only certification of authenticity but also ownership.

Also, OVR is a decentralized structure for AR metaverse, whereby the physical space integrates with the digital world to come up with an excellent user experience that features unlimited possibilities.

There’ll be over 1.6 trillion OVRLands in the OVR metaverse. Every LAND measures about 300 sq. meters and has a hexagonal shape, given that the contact points between every hexagon are lateral with a similar distance always from the center.

OVR migration to Polygon Network means that now users can easily make payments, while other features have been made easy. Moreover, the transition means that Merkle Proof and minting functions have been transferred effectively from the Ethereum network to Polygon. Therefore, it means that users can mint OVRLands successfully on the Polygon Network for barely a few cents.

Interestingly, the cost of minting OVRLands is reduced by adding the Polygon Network payment to the BSC and Ethereum payment scheme in the primary market. That way, it massively lowers the cost of transactions.

Moreover, the secondary market is already up and running too. With it, users can enjoy several benefits like;

  • Batch minting of every light-minted OVRLands.
  • Direct NFT minting of the new primary market sales.
  • Users who registered without the declaration of personal custody wallets will have an opportunity to generate one.
  • The bridge of NFT from Ethereum to Polygon.

There’s much more on the cards; you just need to stay tuned!


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