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It appears macro investor Paul Tudor Jones is not the only billionaire delving into Bitcoin. Today, J.K. Rowling — the billionaire author behind the popular book series “Harry Potter” — dipped her toes in the cryptocurrency world in a surprising way.

Here’s how this interesting interaction went down.

J.K. Rowling Asks About Bitcoin

On May 15th, CoinDesk reporter Leigh Cuen made a half-joking remark that she would “die from happiness” if J.K. Rowling ever pinged her.

Surprisingly, the world-famous author did, and she did asking about Bitcoin.

In reference to another tweet Cuen published regarding how another author messaged her about Bitcoin, Rowling remarked: “I don’t understand Bitcoin. Please explain it to me.”

With over 14 million followers, Rowling’s inquisitive response about the world of Bitcoin has already managed to gather 2,200 likes, 500 retweets, and 600 comments.

Many of these interactions are from people in crypto attempting to convince her of why BTC matters.

The Block’s Steven Zheng channeled his inner “Harry Potter,” joking that the cryptocurrency is like the sock that freed the enslaved “Harry Potter” character Dobby.

Others took the more traditional approach of trying to convince Rowling of their cause. Analyst “Ceteris Paribus” said in response to Rowling’s inquiry about what Bitcoin is:

“Like gold, but instead of digging it out of the ground, computers solve math problems for it. Instead of having to physically store it in a vault like gold, it’s digital and you (and only you) can access your vault whenever you want, and can send it globally without restrictions.”

According to NewsBTC’s quick search of the annals of the internet, this is the first time Rowling has mentioned Bitcoin or cryptocurrency in any public setting.

Whether or not Crypto Twitter trying to convince her of Bitcoin will result in her becoming interested, though, remains to be seen.

Celebrities Are Picking Up on Bitcoin

Aside from the billionaire writer, there are other notable celebrities and billionaires that have recently tried to get involved with Bitcoin.

One such individual is Paul Tudor Jones, a hedge fund manager worth over $5 billion and regarded to be one of the world’s best investors.

Last week, Jones revealed that he is investing his personal and professional funds into Bitcoin futures because he fears the central bank response to the ongoing recession will cause monetary inflation:

“I am not an advocate of Bitcoin ownership in isolation, but do recognize its potential in a period when we have the most unorthodox economic policies in modern history. So, we need to adapt our investment strategy. […] At the end of the day, the best profit-maximizing strategy is to own the fastest horse. f Iam forced to forecast, my bet is it will be Bitcoin.”

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

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