PornHub Now Pays Models In Tether Through Tron Crypto Wallet


Pornography powerhouse PornHub has updated its list of payment methods models receive for payouts for pornographic performances. Among the list of payment methods, includes the controversial stablecoin Tether available for secure payments through a Tron cryptocurrency wallet.

PornHub Offers Tron-Based Tether Payments To Adult Industry Models After PayPal Disaster

PornHub has announced via their payment methods blog for models, that they have updated their list of available payment methods to include Tether (USDT) and an adult industry-focused payment app called Comso Payment.

The new payment methods on PornHub are in response to PayPal giving models the shaft two months ago, by stopping any and all payments made to adult industry performers.

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Payments are made directly from PornHub to models through the TronLink wallet, a cryptocurrency wallet app designed for assets running on the Tron protocol.

Tether, the controversial stablecoin tied directly to the value of the US dollar, was recently moved to the Tron blockchain, from Ethereum, and prior to that, the stablecoin was built on omni-layer Bitcoin.

Can Porn Bring Adoption To Crypto Like It Did the VHS, DVD, and More?

PornHub also offers models a short tutorial on how to use the new technology to set up a wallet, and generate a mnemonic phrase.

The porn industry is often where young technologies find their footing.

It happened for the VHS, if you’re old enough to remember those. And it happened again for DVD, and the porn industry even was the deciding factor in the recent Blu-ray versus HD-DVD format wars a decade ago.

Next, the porn industry could help bring cryptocurrencies to the forefront by slowly educating the masses on its existence and use.

The fact the adult industry itself is often shrouded in secrecy makes it a perfect place for cryptocurrency adoption to occur silently.

Even Bitcoin itself saw much of its early adoption take place via the Silk Road dark web marketplace, where drugs, weapons, and more could be purchased illegally using the cryptocurrency.

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But unlike Silk Road that lived in darkness, PornHub is among the top 50 largest websites in the world, ranked globally. The platform receives visits from millions upon millions of users from around the globe.

If major sites like PornHub and others regularly bring visibility to crypto assets like Tron, Tether, and others, it could be a major boon for the space.

In the past, other porn brands have also allowed users to pay for content via cryptocurrencies, and many crypto assets themselves are designed for use across the porn industry.

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