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  1. New Pricing
  2. Vitalik Buterin & Vinay Gupta signatures
  3. Roman XXX series in Gifs
  4. New ‘We Love Decentralized’ podcast
  5. Codex Art Giveaway
  6. Ganesha celebrations


First off the big news. It is likely the biggest update of the site since I first put the site online, and published the first works. The limited to 3 only re-paints are the most traditional value holding pieces I sell. They are basically mixed media works printed on canvas, that I then re-paint with acrylics on top of. They are unique within the series, hand painted by me and very, very scarce. Should I spend the rest of my life painting them, there will not be more than 500-600 hundred. I only paint them once someone pays me to. To increase affordability, also the $1500 limited edition signed canvas prints are back.

My buddy Michael Jonsson had an idea a few months ago, which took some careful thought before implementation. What if the price of the pieces were tied to the price of Bitcoin? I would mean the average sales price would come down temporarily nearly 5X, but the fomo becomes a current market incentive. The other problem was the fiat price. This is solved now by it being roughly double the BTC price. Roughly, because I don’t want to update my whole site every 5-minutes.

Signed canvas print edition of 50
100x50cm (40x20In)

Re-paint limited to 3 edition price: Permanently 1BTC via crypto.
Around double that with traditional payment.
Size: 200x100cm (80x40In)

Unique Diasec Metallic Emulsion Print.
Size: 150x75cm (60x30In)

So basically. Around 500-600 ever made and price a constant single Bitcoin.

My man Sully got the gist of it on Facebook immediately.


Once more the #ETHLDN posse comes through for me and helps set up meetings with both Vinay Gupta present, as well as another packed house with Vitalik Buterin as a guest speaker. Jamie and Vlad helped Vitalik come over to the Blood On The Podcast Floor piece so we could add another unicorn signature to give legendary value to the piece. I keep wondering though, why this all gets so little press at the moment? Wake up crypto news! Can you just imagine what all of these signatures are going to be worth in a unique art piece with a massive story in 30 years? Shouldn’t take a rocket scientist guys. The funds are going to be directly donated to HAWC in a transparent way. More on the project here in the previous article.


My topics often emerge out of frustration with the status quo. The emerging new tech art collectors seek novelty and are new to neon. Instagram is now the most significant art gallery in the world, and we dopamine scroll fast. The live neon frame on erotic but mood-wise very differently shot images of beauty invite to look at still images longer. The frame acknowledges the now, honors the past and gives permission to take your time. It’s called the Roman XXX series for the brutal beauty of that statuesque era to crossing the modern context of avalanche porn comfortably together with the new puritanical safe space class.

They are, in comparison to my other art, very affordable at 1.5ETH.

Technically, you can collect them as limited to 30 editions, which allows my past ten years of digital work to become of value now via blockchain solutions. In many ways, they will define this period of time. Those works usually have a future. Own this work HERE

Read More at The Blockchain Art Exchange 


As far as I can remember, one of my main aspirations has been to build bridges between people, businesses, and sectors that don’t commonly talk to one another. Right now, the tech space rarely communicates to creatives and the creatives focus mostly on other creatives. I’m likely to have a few artists on at some point, but the first three conversations set the tone. The first is Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin. The second one is Jenny Knott, with a 30-year board-level CEO career in investment banking. The third is Joshua Anthony, with a background in real-estate gone digital nomad developing mobile and smart city tech. The conversation with Charlie Lee, is already live on Youtube.

5. Conference Attendee Giveaway

I am giving away a ton of stuff for free in collaboration with World Crypto Con, The Litecoin Summit and Codex Protocol this year in Las Vegas. Good to also know that Sebastian Tory-Pratt from Codex Protocol will join me there to help people receive the works.

Team of Codex discussing how we will pull this off!

We are giving away: 

  1. An 80x40IN (200x100cm) Beyond Moon signed one-off physical print.
  2. Beyond Moon digital NFT for all attendees who want to claim it.
  3. INVISIBILITY art piece NFT limited to attendees of the Litecoin Summit.

6. Ganesha Celebrations

Today is the 7th day of the traditional birthday celebrations of Lord Ganesh, the elephant god from the Hindu tradition. To show my appreciation, The rest of this article is dedicated to illustrating the crypto merging art piece I made of him.

Transforming beings, ideas and imagery, now mostly associated with the mystical past and potential future into a current expression and visual reality are where the rubber hits the road for me. Ganesh is widely revered as the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences and the higher being of intellect and wisdom. In this piece, Lord Ganesh and his entourage have assimilated cryptocurrency symbols and blockchain code alongside traditional wealth displays. Gold, platinum, and diamonds hold a ‘taken for granted’ space in our awareness but for example, the smart contracts layered on top of Ethereum are building the wealth of today and tomorrow.

Re-paint nr.1 hanging on a collectors wall.

This piece is technically the most challenging one I’ve done with around a 2000 layers merged into an image, but as usual, with concept images like this, the real thing was to get the whole thing truthfully aligned with tradition ranging over thousands of years to something no one can really accurately depict. Once you get far enough into our past and in many cases not even to the distant future – the lines begin to blur to incredible voodoo. One way of looking at this might be to simplify it to holistic respect. High abstraction usually has immense power or is considered a total hoax – depending on the individual assessing it.

The mouse symbolizes the demonic ego within having been transformed into a servant and not the master. This is why the elephant is afraid of the mouse. No matter how small a resentful idea can be within, to begin with, untamed it can bring down the whole being.

Buy it for 1BTC here now.

Only two are left.

Fiat price roughly double.

See you in Vegas,

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