Telegram’s Gram Wallet Now Available in App’s Alpha Version for iOS


Encrypted instant messaging service Telegram has revealed a wallet for its network’s native token, Gram (GRM), available in the app’s alpha version for iOS.

As Telegram Info reported on Sept. 26, the Gram wallet is now active on the alpha version of Telegram on iOS, although currently the wallet operates in the Telegram Open Network (TON) testnet. So far, users can only create and delete a wallet, receive and send Grams, and share their wallet address.

Basic functions only

Fyodor Skuratov of software startup TON Labs, which is managed by Telegram’s token offering investors, said that the wallet’s design is not yet finalized and that, most likely, Telegram’s built-in wallet will have basic features. Skuratov added that those who want to use more advanced functions, including purchasing and exchanging Grams, should address third-party developers.

Telegram released the TON testnet explorer and node software in early September, while the company launched a private beta testing of the TON blockchain to a limited number of global developers in April. Two anonymous testers revealed at the time that the blockchain demonstrated an extremely high transaction speed.

Gram’s listing on crypto exchanges

Recently, Caymans Island-registered cryptocurrency exchange Blackmoon announced plans to list the forthcoming Gram token through a partnership with Swiss crypto custodian Gram Vault. 

Prior to Blackmoon’s listing announcement, Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Liquid claimed that it would be the representative of sales of Gram tokens for Gram Asia — yet this announcement was later disputed by sources close to Telegram.

As previously reported, Telegram is planning to launch the Gram token in October, following a process of planned public testing for the TON.

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