TeraBlock To Use Binance Cloud to Solve Liquidity Issues and Bolster Security of its platform


TeraBlock, an automated crypto exchange, has partnered with Binance Cloud to make crypto trading hassle-free on its platform.

Commenting on their partnership with Binance Cloud, Shivam Tandon, the CEO of TeraBlock, said: “After announcing the successful completion of our recently conducted IDO on BSCPAD, our users will benefit directly from the Binance Cloud partnership. The upcoming TeraBlock exchange, powered by Binance Cloud, enables our users to experience better trading depth, security, and transaction speed.” He also hoped “to bring a renewed interest and experience like never before to the crypto space.”

The Game-Changing Partnership

It is a game-changing partnership as it will save TeraBlock from falling into what we can call a new crypto exchange conundrum. You see, it is common for new exchanges to lose users because of a lack of liquidity and gaps in security infrastructure. Considering that 34% of crypto traders consider liquidity a crucial factor while making a decision, it can prove to be a death knell for many new cryptocurrency exchanges.

You must be wondering how a partnership with Binance Cloud changes the equation here? Well, that is because Binance Cloud essentially mimics all the advantages of Binance. It combines the technology, security, and liquidity of one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Thus, TeraBlock users do not have to worry about the lack of liquidity on the platform or any security gaps in TeraBlock’s infrastructure.

The Role of TeraBlock & Binance Cloud in the Partnership

After the partnership between TeraBlock and Binance Cloud, TeraBlock will only have to handle the business development and operations aspect of their platform. Binance Cloud will manage the rest of the activities like the development and maintenance of their exchange technology, user registration, security, and liquidity. Also, the benefit isn’t limited to liquidity alone as Binance Cloud will also prop up the security infrastructure of TeraBlock.


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