The launch of Apple Pay in Lumi Wallet simplifies crypto purchasing and increased newcomers hundreds of times


One week after launching the new payment method Apple Pay, Lumi Wallet saw a 209% growth of in-wallet Bitcoin purchase. Lumi developers relate this to the simplification of the crypto purchase procedure and the shortening of the time of process around 7 times.

According to Lumi’s data, the most purchase operations were made by users from U.S. (33%), UK (12,2%), Canada (10,1%), Australia (6,9%), Nigeria (3,8%), Germany (3,3%) and France (3,0%), other countries account 27,5% of purchase operations. The total amount of Bitcoin purchase operations increased by 209%. A large number of users prefer to buy Bitcoin.

The interesting fact, that despite North American users making the largest number of purchasing transactions, the number of newcomers skyrocketed in Latin America, becoming the leading region with the largest number of Lumi’s newcomers – compared to November, the number of new users increased by 29%. The number of newcomers from the US and Canada increased by 17%, from Europe 5,8%, from Asia and Africa, 5,2% and 5,0% respectively.

The main purpose of launching Apple Pay to simplify the crypto purchase process was achieved. Due to KYC verification, traditional ways to buy crypto with credit cards on average takes 10-14 min. In Lumi Wallet using Apple Pay, users can skip this identification procedure and thus reduce the purchase time to less than 15 seconds.

“We were sure that Apple Pay is a crucial feature in our wallet, as well as bitcoin adoption in general. Our team understands that we, as a participant of the market, have to simplify crypto as much as possible. And we choose the right way. Since we launched it last week, we have received support and positive feedback from crypto and iOS communities. And this is the best reward for our team. ” – Diana Furman, CEO of Limi Wallet.

Since December, Lumi Wallet’s customers can purchase crypto via Apple Pay, the new alternative payment method available in-wallet for iOS users. New payment systems enable 300M people from over 30 countries to buy crypto using Apple Pay. For U.S. citizens there are $500 daily and weekly limits, and $5,000 yearly. For non-U.S. citizens, daily and weekly limits will be $1,000, and $7,500 yearly.

Founded in 2017, LUMI offers secure and user-friendly crypto wallet solutions. It is a non-custodial, open-source wallet that has Android, iOS, and web versions. Lumi Wallet was made to meet the demands of both beginner and advanced users, combining a high level of security and complete anonymity with a simple, eye-catching interface. Lumi supports BTC, ETH, BCH, Tether USDT, Binance USD, Celsius, Dai, EOS, and more than 1,200 ERC20 tokens.

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