Tron is the Fourth Blockchain to Receive a Coveted Twitter Emoji


Tron (TRX) becomes the fourth blockchain project to receive a custom Twitter emoji hashtag. 

Justin Sun, Tron’s founder, unveiled the new emoji in a tweet on Friday. As customary in Tron’s marketing campaigns, the new emoji comes with a giveaway requiring fans to put the emoji in their profile bio.

Like with Binance’s anniversary, the hashtag appears to be tied to a specific event. In addition to “#TRX” and “#TRON”, the project acquired the hashtags “TRONGreatVoyage” and “TRONConference.”

This is in reference to an upcoming Tron 4.0 launch event, held as an online conference named Great Voyage.

Curiously, the project also acquired the “#TRONAnniversary” hashtag, which likely serves as a backup for later. Depending on the event, Tron’s anniversary falls on May 31 for the mainnet launch, and August 29 for the Tron Virtual Machine launch.

As Cointelegraph reported previously, branded hashtags are a paid service offered by Twitter. The sums involved are undisclosed, and are possibly a matter of negotiation.

Tron is the fourth branded crypto hashtag to be rolled out after the introduction of the “#Bitcoin” branded hashtag. While that one was likely a personal tribute by Jack Dorsey, who funds Bitcoin development through Square, the rest have been launched as part of project marketing campaigns.

The second branded hashtag was’s “#CRO”. This was later followed by three hashtags for Binance. With five branded hashtags, Tron appears to be the biggest spender so far.

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