VanEck Director Hints At Something Coming To Bitcoin Bigger Than Coinbase IPO


A discussion recently broke out on crypto Twitter speculating about the importance of the upcoming Coinbase IPO and its impact on Bitcoin and the greater cryptocurrency industry. And while there’s no denying the significance of a stock market listing for one of the most recognizable crypto brands in the world, another finance exec has been hinting at something potentially “bigger” that’s on the way. But what could it be?

The cryptocurrency market is just about thawed completely from its long bear market and crypto winter. Trends are blossoming once again, investors are seeing green, and interest is slowly returning.

DeFi is definitely helping things along, as is Bitcoin retaking $10,000 and holding above it strong thus far. But could the magic from the last bubble with Bitcoin suddenly on everyone’s minds and an explosion of new money happen yet again?

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Possibly, and the upcoming rumored Coinbase IPO could be the catalyst for the media blitz and investor FOMO that would be required to inflate any such bubble again.

The excitement from crypto, for the first time, would spill into the stock market and potentially pique the curiosity and interest of institutional investors at a higher rate.

And with what happened with just retail coming in the last time around, the next crypto bubble could be a lot larger.

What Exactly Could VanEck’s Digital Asset Director Be Teasing Related To Bitcoin That’s Bigger?

It’s not just another bubble that could be bigger, but the digital asset director for VanEck Gabor Gurbacs has also been teasing something he says could be “bigger” than the Coinbase IPO. The self-proclaimed Bitcoiner was asked by the onlooking audience if it was what crypto investors from 2018 would have killed for at the time: a Bitcoin ETF.

During the bear market, nearly every high was matched with peak ETF speculation, followed by a denial and drop in prices. In 2019, the narrative turned to Bakkt. This year, there’s no magic savior for the crypto market needed–it is doing just fine.

DeFi is booming and more sustainable than the ICO trend. Bitcoin’s above $10,000, and there’s so much positive going on in the space. The dollar is in trouble for the first time ever, and the world is moving towards an all-digital daily life.

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Whatever it may be bigger than Coinbase that Gurbacs is teasing, may not even matter, as the catalyst is Bitcoin and crypto itself–and its already here once again. Google Search terms, technicals, and just about all other signs also point to a new uptrend.

While whatever is coming is certainly exciting, no catalyst may be needed this time around with the current trajectory and momentum crypto has behind it.

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