What Does an NFT Whitelist Spot Get You?


Getting in on exclusive new NFT drops and bagging a rare collectible for next to nothing is the new-age way of rolling up in a brand new Tesla. But how do people get early access to NFT launches, and how can you get whitelisted for them?

While the concept of whitelisting is fairly simple, how it pertains to NFTs might be tricky for those new to this space. In this short guide, we will cover what an NFT whitelist is, the benefits, and how you can get exclusive access to the world’s best artists and creators, one-of-a-kind experiences, and curated drops.

What is an NFT Whitelist?

Getting whitelisted is like receiving an exclusive VIP entry ticket to a product launch event.

Product launches are all about creating hype for an upcoming product, and these events usually invite and feature loyal customers, investors, bloggers, influencers, and the media. When you’re invited, it doesn’t matter who you are; you are not getting through without a pass. You get that pass when you submit certain identification papers.

However, in the world of NFTs, whitelisting involves a pre-approved list of wallet addresses. So an NFT whitelist is, in simple terms, a pre-approved list of cryptographic wallet addresses that have been allowed to gain early access to mint tokens, and this early access period only lasts for a certain amount of time.

Benefits of Whitelisting

So how does whitelisting benefit you?

1) Get guaranteed access to mint

Everybody wants to buy NFTs, but not everyone can… because they keep getting sold out! Good projects attract a lot of attention, so buyers rush to mint tokens as soon as they launch. Therefore, your chances of getting in are slim to none.

But getting early access solves this problem and guarantees that you’ll get your virtual mittens on what you like!

2) Buy rare tokens

Getting in during a project’s minting process is your chance to get your hands on rarer tokens in a collection that could increase in value after it’s open to the public.

3) Avail discounts

Projects also reward members on their whitelist with discounted minting process, which benefits both you and the creator! This means you pay a lower price, and the public sees the number of tokens being minted which raises trust in the project.

This has another benefit for buyers: you can flip the NFT for huge profits! The concept of buying low and selling high applies to the digital art world as much as the physical art world!

4) Pay lower gas fees

When you’re on the whitelist for an NFT drop, you can choose a specific time you’d like to mint your tokens. Since the transactions are done in different time windows, it’s spaced out, allowing less traffic on the network and resulting in low gas fees.

How to get NFT Whitelist spots

Now the big question – how can you get on the whitelist for the next biggest project?

Getting yourself on whitelists involves some research and community engagement. You will have to find upcoming and new NFT projects that look promising and spend some time in the project’s Discord server looking through discussions and getting a sense of the scope and possibilities. Here is where you’ll also find news and information on launch dates, the benefits all members get, and other important information.

Or… you can skip the line and the research and join the WHITELIST, by the Art on Internet  (AOI), which gives you early and exclusive access to the best of what artists and creators in the NFT space have to offer.

WHITELIST gives away a collection of 10,000 passes, and its receivers all get whitelisted for 1 million new NFT giveaways. Members can collect multiple passes to increase their rankings in the Top 1000 Leaderboard and get access to the AOI Metaverse, the chance to apply for a collaboration with the artist, and, of course, early access minting. You also get access to a private Discord channel, where you can discuss upcoming projects and their possibilities with like-minded NFT-lovers and artists.

As if those member benefits weren’t enough, AOI also holds monthly giveaways from the AOI vault, which gives members of #The1000 the opportunity to win rare collectibles.


If you’re looking to get into NFTs, there is no better year than 2022, but the competition is fierce! Your best hope of getting something truly valuable without paying exorbitant gas fees is getting whitelisted for new and exciting drops.

Platforms like AOI take the guesswork and research out of the process and hand you exclusive access to the biggest drops in the world. This not only betters your chances of obtaining a rare NFT, but it is also the more financially sound option in the long run!



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