Xcoins.com Registers 500% YoY Growth, Stays Focused on Speed and Transparency of Crypto Transactions


The year 2020 has not been great so far as the global economy continues to reel under the blow dealt by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, causing a widespread slowdown. One of the most obvious indicators of troubled waters is the recent poor performance of the US Dollar – the reserve currency.

As uncertainty surrounds fiat currencies and other financial assets, people are increasingly flocking towards precious metals and cryptocurrencies like gold and Bitcoin respectively, resulting in an increase in their prices. Meanwhile, a lot of established exchanges have found themselves overwhelmed with increased demand leading to delayed Bitcoin transactions, leaving the crypto community searching for better alternatives.

During these challenging times, one exchange platform – Xcoins.com has remained steadfast and continues to offer the same, if not better service since the past four years. With over a quarter-million customers across the world, the platform enables users to instantly purchase Bitcoin and other digital currencies with debit and credit cards. Unlike its counterparts, which includes major crypto exchanges, Xcoins promises to deliver Bitcoin to the user’s wallet within 15 minutes of purchase. In an event it fails to adhere to the timeline, users will not have to pay any fees for the next transaction.

Xcoins has proven reliable so far, winning the crypto community’s trust. As a result, the platform has witnessed a 500% year-on-year growth this year as many switched to Xcoins to meet their crypto needs. According to the company, the recent uptick is influenced by a surge in the influx of users on to the platform from the United States, who make up for 90% of new signups in 2020.

“We are seeing more and more new users wanting a transparent full-service platform that delivers on time. Our core focus is to deliver Bitcoin at speed to all our customers. This is our core focus moving forward as we continue to experience healthy growth in the US market and build on our market presence,” said Przemek Dmochowski – Chief Marketing Officer at Xcoins.

Bitcoin users are increasingly looking for platforms capable of settling transactions fast, especially during times when the demand is high. It is influenced by their past experiences as well, as there have been instances where Bitcoin confirmation backlogs extended to days at times leading to network congestion.  Xcoins has emerged as the platform of choice because of its commitment to deliver in the shortest time possible, which combined with its easy signup process, credit card payments and a strong customer support team make it the best destination to purchase Bitcoin. Users can also purchase Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash on Xcoins.

With continued attention towards further optimizing the speed, transparency, and accessibility, the platform is poised to expand rapidly in the coming days.

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